game changer

70 ton century 9909 Rotator: This truck is all business and is capable of lifting 140,000 lbs and with the ability for the boom to spin 360 degrees it gives us more options to complete a successful recovery.


60 ton NRC Slider: This truck is capable of lifting 120,000 lbs safely and is able to slide forward and back under a full load, it is also equipped with a super heavy duty underlift to tow almost anything that goes on and off road.

Heavy duty Quick swap

Equipped with a 60,000 lb wheel lift and a tag axle this unit allows us to be able to scale while towing large vehicles. We use this truck for everything from tractor swaps to towing big rv's and buses.

Young Guns

We have equiped this 2002 Kenworth with a NRC Quickswap. It has a 30,000 lb winch for recovery and is one of the more versitile trucks in our fleet because we also use it to pull our Landoll trailer.

16 Ton

Very versatile piece of equipment, we use this truck to haul cars, 1-tons, medium duty and heavy duty trucks, equipped with two 15,000lb winches this truck is ready to go to meet your needs.

Sleepless Knights

Medium duty rollback with a 300hp Cummins engine and a 20,000 lb deck, we use this truck to haul anything from cars to tractors and storage sheds.

Dark Knights

Medium duty rollback on a International chassis, it also has a NRC 20,000 pound deck and we use it to haul anything from cars to tractors and storage sheds.

Air Cushion Recovery- Service truck

The air cushion recovery unit is used to transport our USA aircushions that can lift a loaded tractor trailer, helping us to speed up any recovery in which they can be used. There is a variety of equipment also in the trailer from oil dry to torches, fuel pumps, lights, generator, and many other pieces of equipment that will assist us in whatever challenges we face.

Our Ford F350 is stocked with tools and lockout equipment to assist in roadside emergencies, we also have a snowplow for any plowing needs you may have.

Unit 2

Unit 2 is our new road service truck that is equipped with everything we need to get you going, we can do road service calls, tire changes, fuel delivery and pretty much anything you may need assistance with.


Our Landoll is a integral piece of equipment to our fleet, from being a valuable piece of recovery equipment to helping us fill the many needs of our customers. We are ready to go with our Landoll with very little notice. Give us a call for a quote or to schedule your load today.

Skid Steer

We use our skid steer for many different uses, from moving cars around at the lot to cleaning up debris from accidents. It is a New Holland ls180 and we have many different buckets and forks to accomplish any job we may need it for.

The Old White

Our old white is used mainly for off road recoveries or if we need some more winching power.